About me

„Exceptional living environments with atmosphere and style are my passion.“

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Our Philosophy

Exceptional living environments with atmosphere and style are my passion. That's why I provide comprehensive support to help people find their perfect home. And when buying and selling real estate - or when renting - I bring people together whose wishes match perfectly.

After all, it's not only the professional advice, support and handling that is decisive for high-quality real estate services, but also the all-round good feeling of having made the right decision. And that often for many years. Being able to offer this special feeling is a matter particularly close to my heart - and it gives me great pleasure to meet people in the course of my work who also share this view.

„I accompany people in a comprehensive way to find their perfect home.“

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How would you yourself define your philosophy as a real estate agent?

Buying or selling a house or an apartment is usually a process that is not done overnight, but requires some time and effort. In a way, you often set out on an extended journey: a journey at the end of which, ideally, the right people with the best matching ideas find each other.

According to my definition, it should therefore not be solely about selling a property as quickly and as lucratively as possible. For me, it's all about finding the perfect match for all parties: the right buyer for the seller, the right tenant for the landlord and the perfect home for the house hunter. There is a very appropriate English term for this: "matchmaking": The best thing for me is when all sides feel that the right people have actually found each other here - because only then is long-term satisfaction guaranteed with something as long-term as a home. 

That's why I like to define my profession as that of a guide and advisor with high demands on quality, design and sympathetic personal care quality, who wants to lead all participants of this journey safely and soundly to their destination. I am not only concerned with successfully conveying a property from person A to person B. For me, the most important thing is to guide and support both sides on this path in a professional and sympathetic way: to create an overall experience, both personally and professionally, that leaves everyone with a lasting good feeling. 

This requires a good eye and a certain instinct for what people actually want and need. You need the ability to relate to people and bring them together. And in addition to expert know-how, you also need a good network of specialists, because a real estate purchase often includes professional answers to a wide range of questions, from construction and legal aspects to personal and human topics.

From your point of view, what is the most important thing in your profession?

I think one of the most important skills is to be a good listener. And another important skill is that you don't regard the topic of housing one-dimensionally, but holistically. Because the business perspective is just as important in my profession as the emotional and human perspective.

After all, real estate brokerage is not just about houses and apartments. It's also above all about people and their feelings and expectations associated with these properties. Finding the right balance of business competence and personal empathy here is, in my opinion, one of the most important issues when brokering sophisticated real estate. 

Empathy also means honesty - an open basis of trust at eye level is an important prerequisite for me to be able to implement my high standards for my clients. The real estate industry is often said to be more about appearances than reality. With my philosophy, I want to achieve the exact opposite: If, for example, I get the feeling that a property doesn't suit a prospective buyer, then I definitely have the courage to advise him or her against it. And when I advise sellers on how to present their property in the best light, I always make sure to strike the right balance of aesthetics and honesty. After all, it makes no sense to impress a prospective buyer with a flawless photo production - and then disappoint him at the real viewing. 

And last but not least, personal passion for the creative and aesthetic aspect of homes is of course also an important factor: I love working with interior design and architecture, and in my private life I also set great store by a harmonious and high-quality living environment - you can't inspire people with something you don't particularly care about yourself.

What personal topics and emotions play a special role in real estate brokerage?

For instance, when someone sells a private house or apartment, there are often decades of stories and memories attached to it and you want this property to go into good hands. And if you're looking for an apartment with certain aspirations, it's not just about having a roof over your head, but about making dreams and wishes come true.

After all, the home is one of the most personal and important topics in life - the right environment can contribute a lot to how comfortable and satisfied you feel in your life. Finding the right home is therefore often a particular challenge that can be both difficult and beautiful at the same time: difficult while you are still searching and have to make decisions that are often meant to last for many years. And beautiful when you then experience the feeling of having finally arrived and found exactly what you have been looking for so long.

You broker high-quality real estate. What high standards do you set for yourself in this process?

Before I entered the real estate industry over ten years ago, I had spent many years working as a producer in the film business for large agencies. Producing a film is in some ways similar to building and furnishing a house: You have to reconcile creative and commercial issues as harmoniously as possible and understand artistic demands as well as budgetary constraints. And you have to be a good team player and listener, you have to be able to communicate with artists as well as with finance people.

I make the same demands on myself as a real estate agent today: I have to consider the financial expectations and capacities of buyers and sellers as well as their demands on style and architecture, I have to take into account personal and emotional wishes as well as all legal and contractual framework conditions. And I have to support both sides in making the purchase or sale a good story with a happy ending, an experience that people like to remember with a good feeling.

For example, when I assisted a diplomatic family in moving to Vienna into a large villa residence, it was not just a matter of finding somewhere to live and handling the contract. It was also about organising the entire move, finding temporary accommodation until the house was ready to move into, helping to find one's feet in Vienna as a family with children, and many more personal matters related to such an extensive relocation. Here I was able to successfully provide the right specialists.

Especially with projects like this, you can really feel how much you, as a real estate agent, accompany people in an important step of their lives - and when this often not easy step is successful and enjoyable despite all the challenges thanks to my help, then I myself also have the beautiful feeling of being the right woman in the right place at the right time.